• A new generation of data science and quantitative forecasting for agricultural commodities


Market Movements

High-frequency quantitative agricultural forecasts for algorithmic trading in commodity markets.

Small fluctuations in weather or forecasts over crucial agricultural regions at key times in the season can create powerful swings in global commodity markets. PCS helps client to quantify their markets by synthesizing global and regional forecast products from meteorological offices around the world with best-available models and agronomic data.

Cat Modeling

Rare-event and catastrophe modeling for reinsurance applications in agriculture and other sectors impacted by systemic risk.

Climate extremes impact agriculture in many and diverse ways leading to a complex and changing profile of risk. PCS helps clients understand and quantify how systemic risk rises from the farmer’s field to the global market.

Long-term Planning

Supply chains for food and energy around the world will be exposed to increasing risks from supply and price shocks in coming decades as warming in key agricultural areas begin to accelerate. Industries servicing agriculture, providing equipment and seed and the advice needed to use them, will be increasingly expected to respond to unprecedented and uncertain conditions. Decadal modeling and analysis from PCS helps companies identify the risks and opportunities that they’re likely to face in the near future, so that they can begin now to innovate the solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.